Subaru Legacy 1993-1999 (Subaru Outback)

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Subaru Legacy 1993-1999 (2nd generation) / Subaru Outback

The '96 GT-B Twin Turbo wagon (same shape as '97) has a fantastic sound when driving. Would be a great car to drive in FH5 with headphones on.


I love the sedan version more.

I think the jdm gtb of the 99-2000 generation is the one to have, very popular body style, 3rd gen, used around the world as the outback. The sequential turbos made the jdm gt a very exciting car to drive and in dark purple, a sinister looking car at that. I have owed two and would love to see this in you game


1997 Subaru Legacy RS


1998 Subaru Legacy GT-B Limited


I agree. I have a 1996 right hand drive legacy gtb i would love to see it in game.

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That’s a nice specimen mate! Look after her! Mine was completely original… not many like that about. The guy I sold mine to totalled it :frowning: