Subaru Forester 2002-2007

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SG9 STi would be awesome to have!


“Show me a gearhead who knows this exists and doesn’t want it, and I’ll show you a liar.”

You want to drive the WRX STi. I want to drive the Forester STi. We are not the same. This thing has got to be one of the all-time coolest wagons ever conceived. Before the Forester evolved into a normal SUV, it was basically a lifted, slightly taller wagon. Many came with manuals and that faithful EJ flat four. This one came with the WRX STi’s powertrain. It made 261 horsepower and was mated to a 6-speed manual! This wasn’t just some half-hearted attempt, either. Subaru tuned the suspension, the anti-roll bars, and stiffened the chassis. This thing is probably an unmitigated riot on or off the pavement. I wish I knew. Because… they only sold it in Japan. Forza is “Where Dreams are Driven”, and this definitely qualifies as one of the sweetest dreams of all. Please make it happen.


^what tafford said. SG9 STi would be great!

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2004 Forester STI. Exclusively in Japan only.


I’m a pretty big fan of Subaru myself. It is very popular in New England. Plus more off roading beasts that can be created to take to the dirt.

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It would be nice to see both the normal and STI versions of the Forester in Forza. The upgrades would be mental


Yep I would love to have a SG gen Forester in the game. I have 2006 Forester XT myself and I’m in love with those cars


some overland style cosmetics would be sick for it too

my own forester sti :grin:


sick car
i just have a beat up 1993 honda prelude

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Subaru froster xt 2005




Forester sti woud be great with a evo 9 wagon jdm only variant and a Nissan stagea autech 260rs throw in crown wagon and Lexus is 300 wagon maybe a r31 skyline wagon for the classic skyline thers also c110 hako wagon etc

2004 Forester STi (SG9, Pre-Facelift)

2005 Forester STi (SG9, Facelift)

Either one would be sick to have in a Forza game! Playground or Turn 10, make it happen!

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2004 Pre-facelift looks more better imo


2005 SG 2.5L XT model! 230hp from factory, beautiful car!

'05 Forester XT or SG STI :heart: