Stupid times and distances on the leaderboards

In rivals I’ve seen times at the top of the leaderboards, of 0.1 seconds, and for the danger signs, I’ve seen over 13 kilometres.

Apparently there’s a space shuttle in the game I’ve not yet found :slight_smile:

Playground have said that they’ll do something about this issue but so far they’ve done zilch.

It’s like competing in the Olympics against drug cheats but so so much worse.

Even Ben Johnson didn’t do the 100m in 0.1 seconds!

Here’s a solution Playground.

Get your best playtesters times and distances, and delete any time or distance that is better than 150% of that.

It’s not rocket science, and very simple to implement.


I think the fact this hasn’t been addressed since release speaks volumes as to the current and future state of the game.

How difficult would it be for someone to review the top rival times and remove the most obvious cheaters and ban them. Not difficult. Super simple. So why hasn’t it been done? I rest my case.

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when it comes to danger signs, its a bug which is already described in this forum… so its not obvious… it happend to many players…

cleaning the leaderboards without the bugs beeing removed makes no sense because it will happen again until the bugs are fixed.

Possibly…but then if you code it so that anything over x amount of metres is not allowed, then even bugged distances shouldn’t be listed…unless the coding for stopping the listing is bugged of course. If a distance of 1600 feet is the longest a Jump can be, then code it so anything over 1700 is deleted…gives a margin of error whilst removing bugged/glitched/hacked/cheated distances

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I’m referring to rivals. If there is a known bug which explains several drivers are posting times 100x faster then me who is easily in the top 1% best drivers in the game then please link it to me.

But for sake of arguing, let’s assume this is indeed a bug. They could turn around a quick hotfix for this by hiding any rival times below a given time threshold while they work on the root bug.

The same reason it wasn’t done in FH4 in 3+ years. They’re very lazy.


My longest jump in stats shows 40,4 km (not cheated!!) so 13 km seems legit ;D

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