Stupid question - hoppers

I’ve seen the term “hoppers” used a lot. Can anyone explain to me what this term means please?

And sorry for the stupid question. :slight_smile:

In Forza terms, a hopper is a multiplayer lobby that continually offers up a different track after each race, and races start based on a timer. This is different than private multiplayer lobby where the player who set up the room has control over the track, car restrictions, timing, and race start. A hopper sets an initial rule (‘all cars must be A class’) and then will offer players the chance to vote on a selection of tracks to pick the one for the next race. The process happens continuously unless there’s only one (or below the minimum number of players) person in the room.

Leagues are hoppers, but set apart because they also use a scoring system that persists for multiple sessions until the league time has ended.

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Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: