Strange lag on xbox one.

so the other day i attempted to start my game and it hung and froze my console. i restarted and attempted to start the game again. no dice same problem. so i hard reset my console after looking up the proper steps and still had the same problem. so now i reinstalled the game as many of you suggested in similar threads and now i can load into my game after a very very long time on the loading screen.( the one after you push A and it shows you stats). once i finally got in everything felt fine for about 30 seconds then the strange lag began. my car would come to a complete stop but my engine and tires would be stuck at the revs and speed they were on while i was driving. my friends could see my tires spinning. then my car would shoot off at the previous speed, rinse repeat. my NAT type is open my router is good i am truly at a loss help me please.