Strange controller inconsistency

I use a wired 360 controller and have a strange bug which could be related to stuttering?

Basically, as I flick the stick left and right multiple times to make little adjustments to my steering, sometimes the car just violently steers that direction. Obviously if you’re driving in a straight line and flick the stick all the way left briefly, there is a certain amount of ‘dampening’ which prevents the actual steering wheel going full-lock and back in the same amount of time, and therefore allows you to flick the stick side to side quite violently without actually having the car dart around all over the place.

But one in maybe ten flicks will have this weird ultra-sensitive steering input going on and as a result the cars are undriveable. I wonder if it’s an issue with stuttering (which my game does but not too badly) whereby if it stutters during a steering input, the game keeps steering even when it’s frozen so when it unfreezes it’s essentially like I’ve been holding it at full lock for a second or so? I’m not sure.

I’ve tried uninstalling the drivers and installing default Windows ones but it doesn’t help.

It’s an analog stick, so maybe the game’s input handler really isn’t really expecting that (keyboard-like) driving technique with the controller.

No the game fully expects those side to side flick motions. That’s why speed sensitive steering is used in the first place, to stop people over-steering.
As for the steering issue it could be the stuttering confusing the input handler and having you suddenly full lock to one side or the other.