Strange car reflection during replays

While viewing a replay on Maple Valley with fog a strange reflection of car can be seen in the lake. This only appeared when viewing the replay immediately following the race. The car reflection is not present when viewing a saved replay.

Yep, it’s been there since release.
It’s like a massive, upside down, over exposed image of the car you’re driving.

This is from the first time I viewed a replay on Maple after release, prior to all patches.

I believe this is a planar reflection (rather than a screenspace/RT reflection) on the surface of the water here. It definitely should not be visible with this level of exposure, let alone when the car is not visible on screen, but it seems the reflection is not parented to the camera properly.

If my theory about this is correct, it’s a minor but extremely fixable issue and worth looking at.

No it’s a reflection of the car from the previous in-game menu prior to selecting the event… The engine is tonally busted in this case. It is fixable but has yet to be done nearly 2 months after I reported it here.
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