Strange blue artifacts

I’ve noticed some blue artifacts in some area of the game, tried different resolution and found out that it happens only on 4k res. I was wondering if anyone had this issue and if so, how they managed to fix it, if possible. Here’s a pic of how it looks like. Screenshot - 986409aff32c5523f76084fc1922a59f - Gyazo
GPU is an rtx 3080.

Is it there all the time or just from time to time? Every now and again I find an entire road has been turned purple…resolves itself after a bit. It used to happen to me on 1440p and then on 4k and I know people not on 4k having it…having said that, I haven’t noticed anything like that since playing the game on a Series X

That looks like overlapping vectors of two different road surfaces. So the map has two layers instead on 1 layer.

It happens every now and then, in some areas even the trees are affected by this, like the road portion just north of the festival. When I turn on motion blur it barely even does it when driving, only when the car is stopped like in the picture.

I’ve seen scenery turn blue on 4K XSX but a quit and restart sorted it.

Nice car btw!

Thanks, I like that car quite a lot. Even a quit and restart doesn’t sort it for me, motion blur makes it less worse but I don’t really like motion blur. Oddly enough it doesn’t do it at all when I lower the res to 1080p, but obviously it looks blurry.

I never saw this on my Xbox One X at 4k/30, but I have seen it 3 times now (always in winter) on my Series X at 4k/60…I’ve seen the blue bushes that look like ultra-low-rez polygons and I’ve seen either low poly rocks or textures that are placeholder or low LOD textures on rocks, and I’ve seen this mostly near the Super 7 house…

For me it never lasts, its there and its gone a minute or two later or a menu reload or fast-travel, boom, its gone.