Stout Scarab 1935-1950

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Image of the Car

It was basically a Streamlined Minivan built off of Aircraft Knowledge (the Designer had a long history in the Aviation Industry) and intended to be as aerodynamic as possible.

It had a Rear-Mounted Ford Flathead V8 (~75hp) attached to a 3-Speed Manual Transmission powering the Rear Wheels. The whole vehicle was made of lightweight aluminium and thus only weighed around 1400kg (3000lbs), a later version was made with steel panels in an attempt to reduce the cost.

0-60mph in 15 seconds and a top speed of around 80mph

The design incorporated a couple other interesting features such as 180° Rotating Passenger Seats, full independent suspension, drum brakes and various amenities inside (heating, dust filter, lighting, powered door locks).

Only 9 were built but WW2 combined with a high price and low interest pretty much killed production. An experimental prototype was made after WW2 with a fibreglass body, two doors and Air Suspension but it didn’t lead to anything.

Around 5 of the original cars are believed to survive today with the Detroit Historical Museum holding one running example.

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