Storm Island issues addressed in next update

Fixing problems that very few seem to have really shouldn’t be first on the list you seem to like making money from this game but put very little back in to it this forum contains hundreds of complaints about in game bugs but you people don’t listen shocking way to run a business ignoring the complaints of your customer you so happily took money from. Worst offense for me Microsoft putting there name to this makes me want a Playstation.

Maybe very few people have the bug, but us very few people literally cant play the game and have wasted £30 on dlc, + the main game which the dlc broke

this patch you talk of will fixt his … correct? xbox says its installed but its greyed out on the menu bar.

(]storm island not lo aded but shows installed]([![)

Not sure if this is the right place, but the title says something about the next update, so why not?

The Mazdaspeed3 custom front bumper with the 3 spokes on the grille needs to be fixed. It is coloured matched to the actual paint of the car when it’s supposed to be black. It shows colour matched while driving around, but in photo mode and in the garage it shows up normal. Thanks!

I’ve noticed that as well.

Also, after downloading today’s 108Mb patch, it seems like AI drivers are much much more aggressive and adept. I’ve been left in the dust in settings that have historically left me in the middle or front of the pack.

They seemed to have calmed down now.

Game is freezing at first car meet.
I have tried everything to fix this problem and after spending another day on it still nothing. I’m not the only one with this issue and we are all very frustrated.
Can’t continue the game without getting passed this freeze. Sounds like new dlc Storm Island is freezing up too.
Lots of people unhappy, Please Fix.
Waiting for update to play a broken game… Thanks. Sarge.

one other problem for me, and i assume for others as well, that was caused by installing storm island is the game crashing after leaving any hub other than the first one. let’s not forget to fix this as i don’t see it being mentioned.

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I’m having the exact same problem DecisiveFactor! :frowning:

After calling the ms support to ask for a solution when storm island crashes after loading screen and crashing by leaving hubs they told me (after the woman asked some other supporters) there is no planned update. i called before 4 days. i tried everything except deleting the cloud savegame. this was my last option. so i tested the savegame on an other xbox one, where the games just works fine. With my savegame and the game crashed again.So i took all my strength together and did what the support said and deleted my savegame in the cloud. Lost 8.500.000 credits, all my gifted and vip cars and all my game progress.


i am really a bit pissed off.

Is there a chance to get my cars and credits back? the savegame should still be stored local on my friends xbox one.

My plan would be:

  1. wait for update to release
  2. install update
  3. delete my NEW savegame in cloud and local
    4.let my friend sign in with my account on his console

and now i am not sure

  1. the save syncs from the local storage to the cloud
  2. my friend signs out
  3. i sign in
  4. the game syncs the cloudsave back to my console
  5. everything is fine.

if not, point number 10 would be to wait for project cars.

T10, any ideas?
or something you can do to get at least the gifted and vip cars back? credits and xp would come with the time. but the cars are gone.
I bought the digital deluxe for 100€ and the storm island pack for 10€. its a little bit annoying.

Sorry for my spelling and grammar. i sort of learned it a long time ago in school.

So. Have a nice weekend.

Probably wont work, as the save on the cloud will probably sync and overwrite the save on your friends xbox

Turn10 or microsoft ahould still have it though, its just a matter of getting them to revert back to old, they can do this as they done it before for me on a corrupt save

Hope they fix the rev-lag problem!!

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I lost all my hope about that. Cruising around in my favourite cars is all I do in FH2 right now… and It’s really hard to enjoy a V12 symphony when this damn issue starts happening every 10 seconds.
I play with no HUD so perfect sounds are even more essential for me.

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They released the update !! Thank you Turn10 and Playground Games!

Yes, the update should now be live for most people. If you were affected by the issues referred to in my first post of the thread, please let us know how you get on once you’ve applied the update.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding whilst we investigated and got these fixes ready.

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Since I updated for storm island I haven’t been able to continue career fix please as I haven’t finished the game yet

We’ve just released an update that should fix this, do you have it? It literally came out within the last hour.

HeliosT10, i installed the patch and my game is still crashing to dashboard after leaving any hub other then the first in the game… FRUSTRATED. will there be additional patches??

I can still not at storm island and it’s grayed out in the menu. It says I purchased it and still can’t play kinda flustrated since I paid 20 for this last week ad went out a bought game specifically for storm island and still can’t play plzzzzzz helppppp

after this latest update, my game will often freeze on loading screens when leaving the rivals race and then crash

I wasn’t having any problems until today after the patch