Stock smaller engines. 289 cobra

What happened to the 440 wedge 69 Charger? In the old series. The 69 had the 440ci and the Daytona had the Hemi. These cars a lot of times had a smaller motor package usually. Like today. 60k hellcat Vs 30k v6 standard… The original cobra. Which was known as a thin cobra body back in the first days had a 289ci v8.Not the monster 428jet. They say the car was a lot better to drive and enjoy. Cause to could use all the power. Plus with us with weight distribution and power to weights.

Having the 6.2L option or bigger is cool. But most cars in the days had small blocks. Like the 289, the t/a rules of 302, 307, 318,. 340, 350, 364, Nascar rules. Of course the Famous 389’s.

Yet we don’t have any options for us to get the standard v6 mustang, camaro, and challenger.

Just remember most Eclipse’s are front wheel drive in the world.

How are we able to use manual w/clutch if Subaru is stop making any cars with manual transmissions!

Sad day there…