Stock Nissan GT-R and Mercedes C Class vs Nissan NISMO GTR only

What would you buy for $150k USD, a stock GT-R for around 100k and a Mercedes C-Class for 50k, or a GT-R NISMO for 150k? I’d personally take the first option, so I have both the option of luxury and sportiness (though the C Class is a bit sporty as well).


Honestly, I’d pick neither option. I can respect the GTR, but I have basically no desire for one in any capacity. Furthermore, my idea of luxury is effortless power with effortless handling and comfort. Prestige, “build quality”, and telemetrics mean nothing to me. The prestige of Mercedes and most luxury brands, to me, is being stuck behind one of their hulking SUVs that is being driven at 5mph through a turn because the trophy wife driving it can’t handle the car but likes the badge. I care more for effective engineering than Build Quality. Over complicated, expensive design, is more of a ding to me than the plus of door seams being .05mm tighter than a “lessor” brand. And lastly, I use a flip phone. My wife is into “technology” (how smart phones came to be synonymous with technology is beyond me) and even her Chevy Cruze has more tech in it than she’ll ever use.

As for the Nismo, I have an aversion to cars that approach airplane money. It would be too expensive and “finicky” to track, and too fast for the street. If I had my choice of 150K, I’d get an old T1 Grandsport C6. It might be faster than a Nismo on track, will certainly be more reliable and cheaper to run, and it would have full safety equipment, which the Nismo won’t. The rest of the money I’d spend on a fully loaded truck to tow the racecar. Thus I’d have my fun car and my “luxury” mixed with practicality (I live in the Northeast US. I’d hate to subject either GTR or C class to road salt during winter).

But if I HAD to hold my nose and pick one of the two options provided, I’d take the GTR and C class.

Edit to add: I just checked, and the fast lap for T1 in the SCCA runoffs last year at Laguna Seca was 1:24.001. Randy Pobst piloted a Porsche 918 to a record lap for productions cars at 1:29.89. So to sum up Racecars>streetcars.