Still missing in Forza Motorsport

while people argue about the ray tracing nonsense…

Still missing:

-Full Pit-stop animations
-Full race regulations (flags rules, penalties for collisions and lane cutting)
-Safety car
-Visual tyre puncture
-Full car damage, with fire and smoke
-New tracks (south América tracks)
-Dynamic day and weather for every track
-realistic street racing tracks maps
-Split screen race mode with bots
-Avatar customization with Helmet and suit painting
-Game mode with team Scuderia creation
-Daily races with ranked division
-Better e-sports world Championship tournament mode
-Online tournament mode with scheduled races and points table
-Analyze the possibility of creating tracks
-Full career mode progression of a driver, going from karts to advanced cars passing through diferent seasons with car chassis evolution

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I seem to recall from the reveal video that dynamic day cycle is in for every track. I don’t recall if they mentioned weather. I suspect most people stick to the usual ~3 laps, though, so it’s not particularly useful most of the time.

If they ever put in full pit animations and race regulations, hopefully they make sure they’re optional.

Some of these will be in the new Forza. Dynamic time of day is confirmed for every track, and in the preview video you can also see some people in the pits, so it’s possible there will be full pit stop animations this time around.

I don’t expect full racing rules, though (safety car, flags, etc). Remember, Forza is not a serious racing game, it’s more like a “track day” game. Lots of cars, lots of tracks, go and drive. “Career” is nothing more than just a series of races, not something where you truly progress from one category to the next. It’s not like the F1 or WRC games. It’s just an assorted collection of vehicles and locations.

Avatar and helmet customization will probably not be in there either, as it’s a platform for them to promote or sell silly costumes, instead of us creating them.

Could you image how bad it would be if they would put a “safety car” in this game!!

We would “never” get to complete a lap. There would be even more “idiots” in every online lobby just causing wrecks for the fun of it. You see this in online racing today the people that are only there to interrupt the races!

Weather should be in there too. they even talked about rain tires being a compound choice for races

You have some great points here, however, these two?

I don’t purchase HORIZON because of the stuff Open World stuff. I hope that open world is not allowed in Motorsport.

Idk man, split screen with bots sounds pretty legit to me.

Split screen with bots would be nice, but I would like to have the AI bots in custom lobbies too, like it use to be