Still massive freezes in menus and racing. When will it be fixed ??


Like many moore i have the problem that in the menus or the same when racing, i get 4-5 sec smooth, then a massive freeze in 2-3sec.

The only way i can get this to go away, is to turn off g-sync and set refresh to 60Hz in nvidia control panel AND ingame 60Hz and v-sync, then its smooth. But since i got a 144Hz g-sync monitor, id like to use it as intended, especially when i payed 110 dollars for the game here in Sweden =(

Have all newest updates, luckily dont have the win10 fall 1709 update yet, (im on 1703 here), heard people have even moore problems with that.

Have the latest nvidia driver, 387,92, but tried the 4-5 earlier ones, same thing.

Only thing i havent updated is direct x, but that does automatically in the game right ?

This is the ONLY game i have problems with. I´ll bet if you had 144Hz also instead of “Unlimited” or whatever, it would probably work… although, i would want a cap to it, but doesnt work for me now so…

Win 10 home 64-bit with 1703 update
i7 6850
Asus rog strix x99 gaming motherboard
Corsair DDR4 32Gb RAM @ 2666Mhz
Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080Ti
Acer XB270H screen, 144Hz and g-sync

Didnt help with the 2 updates you have giving out…so have only played alittle, because i want the best possible experience, hope you fix it soon.