Still having to max level 5 cars to get max manufacturer discount when they have less than 5 cars

Bug Info: If a manufacturer has only 1 car in the game, we still have to level 5 cars to level 50 to get the maximum manufacturer discount. That means having to max level 4 duplicates in the worst case scenario!!
Platform: Xbox Series X, but I guess it’s the same on all platforms
Edition:, Premium, but probably the same for all versions
Attempted fixes: Creating this topic
Content Update: Just noticed it, I think it’s always been like this.


I took a few screenshots to show what I mean. I’m not sure which cars are hard-to-get and thus hidden in the ‘Buy cars’ menu. But some manufacturers do only have one car in the game. Which means that if you want the max. manufacturer discount, you’ll have to max out duplicate cars, 4 in the worst case scenario!! Can you please fix this??

As of now…We are unsure what future DLCs may have in them. A manufacturer may have updates down the road that would add vehicles.

Does it add discount if you level up one car x5?

It says max discount with 5 cars and you get 5% for each car. So I don’t think going to 250 will do it. It’s 5 separate cars to lvl 50.


That is how I meant it, sorry if that was not clear.

I can’t see the screen caps, however if you did not include it, one of the cars where this happens is the 1939 auto union. There is only 1 in the game as far as I can find, and I did level it to level 50. I don’t know if thre were others in the auto union series going forward, however this does need to be looked into where only 1 was produced.

Well, since Auto Union eventually became Audi, my suggestion to T-10 would be to make it count for all Audi purchases…lol.

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I can go with that, I am still very new to the racing field, however I love cars!

Happy sunday, hope to see you out on the track.

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I did include a few screenshots of manufacturers with less than 5 cars that still display “0/5 max level cars”.

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