Still have issues

Hey everyone

I have still some crazy issues in FM7:

  1. There are still no driver suits from Ford, Fiat or Ferrari

  2. At Forzavista the game doesnt show me the technical engine datas, theres only a empty field whuch says technical engine specs or so

  3. Everytime i go to the driversuit menu there are the same 3 suits marked as new, but i have them since the beginning of the game. At every new gamestart it says these 3 are new…
    (Climbkhana, Microsoft, Fahrbereit).

  4. Most the times the Clicking/Counting Sound that comes after every race which you can hear while the game is counting your won money together doesnt end until i quit the game and restart it.

  5. I dont know exactly if its an issue or if its ok, but at splitscreen gaming there are no engine sounds at all.

Does anyone has the same issues or already fixed it!?

Its annoying to have these things this long time after the release…
Hope you can help me

  1. Maybe a licensing issue, they have never been there.
  2. Known issue, many people have reported it.
  3. Also a known issue, since launch.
  4. That can be avoided by letting the counter finish before moving to the next race, but is also a known issue.
  5. It’s been reported many time as well.

Hopefully all of these issues, with the exception of #1 will be fixed in some upcoming patches.

hey, thx for the fast answer…

Good/bad to hear that all of these are known issues, but i hope they will be fixed till end of the year
But i dont think that the first issue with the driver suit problem are license problems, cause there are suits from all various manufacturers. Its only the suits that beginning with the letter F that im missing.
So i think they forgotten it to put it in or sth…
Its Crazy cause Ford is besides Porsche the biggest manufacturer whos working so close with microsoft and turn 10 …

Cover Car in the last game
Exclusive Cars
Ken Block is there to and he represents ford
Etc etc etc

And then there is no driver suit - thats crazy for me