Still Can't Complete Those Accolades

Stay Frosty : picture of a car on the volcano while it snows
Power Trip : complete an horizon tour in a S2 Car.

tried everything for the photo, in eventlabs, in freeroam and yes i’ve tried it last week in dry season and yes i’ve waited for the snow to fall, no matter the picture, still no unlock!

As for horizon tour, i’ve never seen any S2 Tour yet so, how do we complete that :man_facepalming:t2:

oh and BTW, can’t seem to get any USES on my liveries, Tunes or Vinyls, and i know for sure people are using them, but yet still standing at 0’s. any explanations?!

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The Stay Frosty accolade is still on the Issues list so it wasn’t fixed in the patch

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As we get a special holiday season with the next one I think the accolade “Staying Frosty” can be done there as for today it really have never snowed in the previous seasons, maybe some snowy rain in the dry season at the volcano but no heavy snowing at all.

And as we get a ice skating track the next week as well as christmas trees and snowmen I think the chance of taking a picture while it snows will be way higher than actual…

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Possibly…but then if it was supposed to be a Holiday Accolade, why would it be listed in the Known Issues list…and listed as:

“Accolades - Stay Frosty - Accolade may not complete correctly for some players. (Date Added:11.29.21)”

That points to it completing for some but not others which would point to it not being a Holiday one…of course, it may complete when the snow properly arrives…who knows?

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