Stig Ariel Atom showcase event

is it just me, or is the stig showcase event with the Ariel Atom on Hockenheim short, damn near impossible on pro or unbeatable difficulty?
normal racing and the other stig events havent been too hard to win though tbh, especially on those difficulties

Difficult car to master perhaps? I tried it on expert but the car is hard to handle, so the only option for me is to lower the difficulty of the stiggie. No biggie.

I didn’t have to turn the difficulty down, but I did need to turn on TCS. The car is a handful without any assists, far more so than most of the P/X class cars I’ve found.

i also couldn’t complete on pro with assists off. Went to average, I think. Difficult car to drive well without assists.

same here. Stig likes the Atom it seems and he is very hard to beat.

There are a lot of tracks which favor Drivatars AI and make it hard to beat them. So playing Endurance Races on Pro or Unbeatable is always a fun gamble :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm…I gotta try that and report back here on my findings…you guys and the few gals reveal so much insight in these forums!! Love it!!!

I beat him on expert with TCS and STM but it took me some time. You need to pass him on first two corners. If you let him escape a bit it’s not possible to catch him.

What do you expect ? It’s the Stig after all :slight_smile: