Stickers on windows and wheels

It can be great to add stickers on windows, headlights, or every wheel independantly.
Add some logos, give color on some part of the wheel. Have different color on fr and rr wheels.

Or maybe add transparent filter on lights (yellow lights for a race category in a championship for example)

I Do agree
Other racing games have it, i want FM have it as well

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It would also be cool if we could paint the metallic parts, such as the bull bars. Some older cars like the 240z also have metallic frames around the windows that can’t be painted.

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Despite all the painters asking for 8 titles in a row, we still cannot put vinyls on windows.
This is a feature in NFS games so it really can’t be that hard to implement. Just another way to let the painters down.
Can this be fixed please?

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Why did this get merged with a suggestion thread?
It’s an issue! Not a suggestion! I was reporting a genuine problem with the game.

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The Troubleshooting Hub is for features that the developers put into the game but are not working as intended. The absence of painting on windows is not a bug. As above, this is a request by the community to add a feature into the game, so it goes into the Suggestions Hub.

In an old thread from last year which will never be read. Cool :+1:

I’ll just have to play NFS unbound if I want to add numbers and sunstrips. Embarrassing

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The option to add windshield banners should be added.

The most racecars have window stickers by default but when you make your own design you can’t keep or add window stickers.

Window stickers should be added. Maybe a banner option like gt7 have or that you could add stickers freely on the windows yourself.

Windows section should be added in design editor.


Customize front window on all cars.