Steering wheel rotation

Hello everyone !
I’m a new player of Forza Horizon 4 on PC and for play and to play it I got a Logitech G25 , he work perfectly but i have one problem .
The Logitech G25 have a rotation of 900° but i can use only 180° on Forza Horizon .
It’s not a problem of profiler Logitech because i can use 900° on many other games ( EuroTruckSimulator2 , Farming Simulator … )
I see on youtube many players use G25 on Forza Horizon 4 Pc , why its doesn’t work for me ?
Do you have a solution of my problem please ?

I would be very grateful if someone can find a solution for me
Have a good day !

In my case the game accepts the setting from the Logitech Profiler if the box is ticked to ’ allow game to adjust settings ’ within Global device settings.