Steering wheel better than the official 360 one

I have been bought an Xbox one for Christmas, which I am very pleased with. However, having enjoyed many hours of fun with my Official Xbox 360 wheel I find myself in a bit of a quandary. Where can I get a wheel to replace it that is just as good and I can still use on my lap sat on the sofa without the need for a dedicated stand or table. Any help or ideas are very welcome as FM6 is brilliant but there are moments where I miss my wheel.

The G920 is pretty good. If you can spare 300 to 350 dollars (seen it this low on amazon), I would get that wheel. Avoid the Madcatz wheel at all costs.

Edit: the madcatz wheel is the only one that supports lap mounting.

That certainly seems to be the theme that I have found that if you want a wheel you either need to spend big on the Madcatz one and have it on your lap, or buy something else but need to get a stand for it as well.

An interesting development that I have seen from another poster is the Brook Super Converter (, which if it is not too expensive I may look into at least to see if it works. The trade off on all of these lower cost solutions however is the fact that you have to sacrifice force feedback to use them, which just shows what brilliant value my official 360 wheel was at £69.99 back in October 2009!

The Logitech G920 has a built in clamp that affixes to a fair few things, such as desks, dining tables, those little fold away tables, and so on. You can even put it onto an ironing board if needs be, that is how I used to run mine till I got my new desk a few months back.

If you are in the UK (assumption based on your use of the £ symbol), then PC world/Currys are currently selling the Logitech G920 for £159.99 and the driving force shifter H-shifter for £24.99. RRP of the G920 wheel is nearer to £300 normally, so it is pretty much half price atm.

Oh my god, I was racking my brain about what I could attach one to and had not thought of the ironing board! I should give that a go with my existing wheel on my 360 and see how it works. Thanks very much for the idea, I’ll give it a go soon and report back.

In case anyone is interested, I eventually bought a Brook Super Converter off of eBay. They fail to tell you that you also need a Xbox 360 to Windows PC (USB) wireless converter in order to use a wireless controller. Having bought this off of Amazon I am pleased to report it does work! Of course you need to tweak the settings in each game to get it right, but both Forza 6 and F1 2015 work really well for me.

I hope this helps.