[Starts Jan 13] Mitsubishi Starion spec-series

This is the seventh season that I’ve run in its current format over the last year or so. Before that, I’ve run other series without complaint - if you’re looking for a friendly, fun and reliable (as in, the owner won’t disappear two weeks into the series) look no further. This time, we will be using a modified (A 520ish) version of Mitsubishi’s Starion. Hopefully it’ll produce some entertaining racing, and it’ll be the first of many seasons in 2015.

Due to the nature of my work (I’m a journalist), I may not know if I’m able to host an event right up until the last moment, and in those situations my partner in crime, Galeforce97 will host, so it’s probably a good idea to have him on your friend list, too. HOWEVER, in the last six seasons I’ve only missed one evening’s worth of racing, and have raced from central London home after having to buy a replacement MacBook charger, eating my dinner on the train home in order to host the racing. So I’m committed to my baby.

With that out of the way, please find details of the season below. We have our own forum which is used for discussion, media-sharing and the publication of results, but you don’t have to join it if you don’t want to.


When you sign up (below), either myself or Matt (Galeforce97) will send the car to you, complete with the doorcard and main series sponsor logos in place. Please do not alter the placement or size!


Feel free to create custom designs or replicas of your favourite design - I look forward to seeing some wonderfully painted cars. If you want any help with this, please contact me as I have thousands of logos in my archives and / or I can make you a livery.

Evening format

8.55pm - Lobby is made and invites are sent to all online players.

9pm - Race One. The grid order will be randomised. It should last 10-15 minutes and the results of this race will determine the grid for the second race. The top three in the championship will have their ‘ballast’ added.

9.15pm - Race Two - Same as race one except that the results won’t form the grid for the next race and the top three cars from race one will have 5% less power.

9.35pm - Race Three - There will be a reverse grid based on the results of the previous two races. Again, the top three from the previous race will have the power handicap.

NB: Damage will be set to ‘limited’ to discourage deliberate manoeuvres. If you are unable to make the first race or second race(s) of the evening, you will be welcome to join us for the remaining races, but you will be placed at the back of the grid.

Points system

Points are awarded in all three races as follows:

1st : 10 points
2nd : 9 points
3rd : 8 points
4th : 7 points
5th : 6 points
6th : 5 points
7th : 4 points
8th : 3 points
9th : 2 points
10th : 1 point
Fastest lap: 2 points

For the end-of-season Le Mans race, points are awarded as follows:

1st: 50 points
2nd: 45 points
3rd: 40 points
4th: 35 points
5th: 30 points
6th: 25 points
7th: 20 points
8th: 15 points
9th: 10 points
10th: 5 points
Fastest lap: 5 points.


January 13: Laguna Seca
January 20: Infineon IRL.
January 27: Sedona Club
February 3: Indy GP
February 10: Iberian – circuit layout TBC
February 17: Silverstone GP
February 24: Le Mans


If you want to sign up, reply here with the following details, please:

Racing number:

Any questions?

Hmm… I recognize both your gamertags.

Wish I could do this, but working too much lately.

We both took part in the TORA Le Mans race - probably where you recognise us from.

We’re fairly relaxed, so if you miss the odd week and do a partial schedule, we won’t worry about it - it’s mainly for fun, but is obviously competitive at the same time. Most of us do a few practice laps a day or so beforehand and rock up ten minutes before the racing’s due to take place - we’re nowhere near as serious as TORA in that respect, and I think the evening format works well as you get a lot of racing in the time period.

If you’d like to try out the car, I’m more than happy to send it to you - the same goes for anyone else reading this.

No worries if you can’t compete - I completely understand. :slight_smile:

The build PI is so close to the TORA Touring Masters cars (530PI)