Starting position glitch?

Hi, for the last 13 races in a row in the same lobby varying between 12-16 players I have started in very last place. I am trying to figure out why or if this is potentially some kind of glitch? I am approaching level 500 and have obtained around 95%+ of my levels from online play and this has never happened before. Please don’t say it’s just coincidence as being conservative (1/12)^13 is astronomically unlikely.

I am playing the beginner S class and I get spun out 2-3 times on the very first straight with all the unavoidable wreckage in front of me. By the end of the race I usually manage 1st-4th and I get the fastest lap around 90% of the time. Is there a hidden cumulative points total running in the background which places people inversely perhaps, or does it go off of who most frequently has the fastest lap?

Thoughts? Am I missing something obvious? Also couldn’t find anyone else mentioning this issue using the search function. If I have overlooked a topic covering this please forgive me, a link would be great :).

Another two races since posting, dead last for both again.

I have had this happen to me before but never for so many races I don’t think. I wonder if there is something going on there. Maybe because its beginner and you are almost level 500? Just a speculation and totally an uneducated guess. But why would you be racing in beginner S class at that level? Especially if you win or set the best laps 90% of the time. To each their own I guess but that is definitely an unlikely coincidence. Have you left the lobby and tried joining another yet?

I’m ~500 pretty much the same way and it seems pretty random where they place me. I think there might be something to the beginner lobby thing. Try popping in the regular S class lobby and see what happens. Might be the game’s way of saying “Come on dude”.

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It telling you to stop sandbagging novice class…

exactly what i was thinking

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Thats what I was saying. I wouldn’t put it past game designers to do that to you. Its kinda funny anyway. But I don’t get the point in racing beginner if you aren’t. You would get more money, xp, and a better racing experience placing all the way down to like 8th or 10th place in the standard lobbies wouldn’t you?

it’s just coincidence.