Starting a group for CLEAN endurance races

First race is next Saturday starting at 2pm EST.

gonna be running Maple Valley full course with clear skies. 40 laps

Sport GT icons built at A class PI 670

2 races

First race is a qualifier
10 minute race

Short break (10ish min) for final tuning, restroom, food, etc

Second race, 1ish hour, 3 pit stops required. Timing up to driver. Staggered starts possible

Race track, car division, and PI for the following week announced at the end of a race night.

10 minutes to finish after the winner crosses the line

Clean racing. Accidents will happen but try to clean it clean and to a minimum

All clean racers welcome but those who commonly cause wrecks or other issues will be black listed from joining future races

If you lose control and spin pull over and let others pass until you can make a clean reentry onto the track.

When exiting the pits: if traffic is coming stay off to the same side of the track the pits are on as others pass.

If you’re approaching another player who may be re entering the track and may not realize you’re there coming up fast. Try to call it out.

I’m in

Count me in