Starting a forza 4 truck series league!

We will run Thursday nights.
-Leader dictates restart by a 3-2-1 countdown
-Double file restarts
-I will have a setup for everyone to run each race
-I call cautions
-each person must have a number on his or her truck
-each truck must also have a sponsor of some sort(can be downloaded from storefront or made)
-races are around 20laps depending on track length
-if you crash BE RESPECTFUL and get out of the way asap
-race others how you want to be raced.
-Champion will win credits at end of season and a car
-credits will be awarded after each race
-message me at WinnersxCicle8 or at Joey Staats on Facebook
Thank You

which truck are you running what time are the race is starting and time zone?