Starting a Cash Prize Championship of sorts... (Hoping to get noticed by Forza Devs)


Alright, alright. Bring it in real quick. I know a good portion of us are excited for Horizon 4, but I at least wanted to set up a proper event to give Horizon 3 a fitting send-off. So, I’ve created this championship, open to all online players of Forza Horizon 3. Oh, silly me. I should probably introduce myself. Call me Velocity. I’ve been around this game for a while, a racer capable of keeping up with professionals, and I’m looking to get noticed by the big names in the Forza community. What is the championship I have created, you ask? Well, I present to you the TVM Elite Gauntlet.

The TVM (Terminal Velocity Motorsport) Elite Gauntlet is a championship-style series of races where you must take on Fifteen ranked drivers on their home track in an effort to beat them to the line and earn their ranked spot. Waiting for the player to take the top spot first is the TVM Elite Crown and a cash prize of currently undecided value, but I do know it will be at least $50.


  1. Every challenger will start unranked and will have to go through the ranks in sequential order. IE: You can’t challenge the Rank 14 racer without beating the Rank 15 racer first.
  2. To take a Ranked Driver’s position, you must first beat them in a head-to-head race on a preselected track.
  3. You can go it alone, or if you’re an FH3 streamer, bring your stream team for a better chance at taking the win. IE: If a stream team races and only one guy beats the Ranked Driver to the line, everyone on the team advances,
  4. I value diversity in any competition. So use of Leaderboard Cars (Unless stated otherwise) by any challenger will forfeit their eligibility for the cash prize.

Ranked Drivers

Rank Fifteen: Supernova
Car: 2015 Polaris RZR XP EPS 1000 Rockstar Edition
Class: A
Race Route: Switchback Trail

Rank Fourteen: Tensira
Car: 2016 Honda Civic Type-R
Class: A
Race Route: North Desert Trail

Rank Thirteen: Spectre
Car: 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
Class: A
Race Route: Three Bridge Circuit

Rank Twelve: Torpedo
Car: 2011 Audi RS3 Sportback
Class: A
Race Route: Tramline Sprint

Rank Eleven: Lambda
Car: 1992 Ford Escort Cosworth
Class: A
Race Route: Gold Mine to Highway Run

Rank Ten: Hunter
Car: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Class: S1
Race Route: Highway Circuit

Rank Nine: M.W.
Car: 2008 BMW M3
Class: S1
Race Route: First to the Beach

Rank Eight: Ken Block (Yes, THAT Ken Block)
Car: 2016 Ford Focus RS RX Gymkhana Nine
Class: S1
Race Route: North Plains Scramble

Rank Seven: Wild Thing
Car: 2016 Ariel Nomad
Class: S1
Race Route: Dry Reservoir Trail

Rank Six: Zephyr
Car: 1998 Nissan R390
Class: S1
Race Route: West Mountain Run

Rank Five: Slipstream
Car: 2015 McLaren 650S
Class: S2
Race Route: High Speed Desert Trail

Rank Four: Jade
Car: 2009 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster
Class: S2
Race Route: Rolling Meadows Circuit

Rank Three: Aurora
Car: 2016 Pagani Huayra BC
Class: S2
Race Route: Tugun Bypass Sprint

Rank Two: Terminal Velocity
Car: 2015 Koenigsegg One:1
Class: S2
Race Route: Grand High Speed Sprint

Rank One: ???
Car: ???
Class: S2
Race Route: ???

Note: The Rank One racer is rather secretive. More will be revealed once someone takes down Terminal Velocity.

And… that’s about it for now. I will release a championship start date once enough people show they’re interested by commenting below, but I’m thinking I’ll start the races after June 1st. Until then, keep your foot down, and try not to get yourself killed.


Do you have a concrete definition of what a “Leaderboard Car” is?

Stuff like the Jeep Willys, RJ Pro Truck, ETC.