Spring #Forzathon challenges, Shop stock, events, and new cars through January 17

Starts at 6:30am Pacific on January 10
This is the fourth and closing season of Series 4.

Next change: Thursday, January 17 at 6:30am Pacific


  • (Spoiler - repeat Spring find)
  • 1966 Volkswagen Double Cab Pick-up
  • 1938 MG TA Midget
  • 300 FP Car: 1969 Chevrolet Nova Super Sport 396 Forza Edition (existing Exclusive model)
  • 175 FP Car: 2014 Lamborghini Urus Concept (available in the Autoshow)
  • 100 FP Clothing: Unicorn Bomber Jacket (Epic)
  • 100 FP Emote: Best Mates (Legendary)
  • Wheelspins cost 40 FP & 150 FP
    #FORZATHON WEEKLY CHALLENGE: [must be done in sequence to count]
  • Own and drive the 1997 Volvo 850 R
  • Win 4 Road Circuit events in your Volvo 850 R
  • Drive 12 miles “through the country” in your Volvo 850 R
  • Earn 5 Ultimate Drift or E-Drift Skills in your Volvo 850 R
  • Championship: “Retro Saloon Tour” | Waterhead Sprint | PI<700 Retro Saloons | Rewards: (Super) Wheelspins & CR
  • Championship: “Shake Your Tail Feather” | Elmsdon on Sea Sprint | PI<900 (select rare/retro supercars) | Reward: Ski Hat
  • Championship: “Old Rivals” Glen Rannoch Trail | PI<900 (Lancia Delta or Peugeot 205) | Reward: Hoonigan RS200
  • The Trial Co-Op Championship: “Mountain Rumble” | Glen Rannoch Cross Country | PI<800 Sports Utility Heroes | Reward: Trial Tee
  • PR Stunt: Mudkickers’ Showjump Danger Sign | 820 feet
  • PR Stunt: Crescent Speed Zone | 120 mph


  • Championship: “Grass Roots Rally” | Southland Super Scramble | C600 Classic Rally
  • Championship: “Fortune’s Wheel” | Fortune Forest Circuit | S1 900 Super GT
  • Championship: “Mud & Thunder” | Fenholm Scramble | A800 Sports Utility Heroes
  • PR Stunt: Halcyon Point Trailblazer Gate | 42 seconds
  • PR Stunt: Lady on the Lake Speed Trap | 230 mph
    Fortune Island championships earn Wheelspins for 1st-2nd-3rd in Solo, Co-Op, and PVP.


Forzathon shop :
Yes, I already have it all.
There are already five Nova FEs in my garage in particular.

Car pass :
I was hoping for VW Pickup, but this car was also disappointing in Series 4.
There is no roof rack. This car is the same as ordinary VW Bus. Even if drift suspension is attached, it is higher ride height like SUV.
Real life VW enthusiasts often customized VW pickup to slammed style. I like this style very much and I was expecting it for this car as well.
However, it can not be done with FH4. Very sad.

Series 4 was the worst series for me.
A troublesome season event. A car that was only available once. And disappointing car pass.
I wish Series 5 will be a better and fun series.

Same… The Nova FE is so common they are worthless in AH. Fat chance of ever getting rid of them now!!!


Just remove them from your garage like i do
Like you said they are worthless
FE cars arent worth anything on this game they are so common


Cars that should be burned and never auctioned again:

  • Clio FE
  • Triumph Spitfire
  • Land Rover III FE

Cars that should just be removed from the game:

  • Subaru Legacy
  • Other such common garbage

Absolutely not, used to own a 1991 Legacy Turbo it was a great little car.

yes and no

I got my 2nd Clio FE in seasonal events couple of weeks ago. Put it on the auction house with minimum base price and and minimum buy out price thinking I will not be able to sell it but someone bought it out for 100k+ so I got good money from it . Other then that, I also don’t see anything interesting in forzathon shop. Won’t be spending any of my points this week either.

Thanks Max.

Another week and nothing to spend my FP on. Can’t even get the DLC cars because my garage is full.

Oh well, stockpiling wheelspins, credits and FPs again this week.

At least it’s Spring.


Your Forzathon shop is bad and you should feel bad.
Seriously. There’s a good dozen of cars locked behind the wheelspins but no, just put a regular car as a shop reward.
What’s your logic here PGG ?


Yerp, that Nova is not very exciting. Darn. Hoonigan RS200 looks pretty cool though. Unicorn bomber kinda fun too.

Speaking of Hoonigan, anyone else try driving that Hoonigan Twerkstallion? What an abysmal attempt at a drifter.

First test with hoonigan rs200, this thing is fast but it’s not feel that S2 dirt racing would be just full of these as for me tvr cerbera is faster around tracks than rs200 is.

I just submitted a feedback ticket on how poorly utilized the Forzathon Shop has been. Sadly, this week is one of the worst so far. Instead of a chance to get actually rare cars, we have a regular autoshow car that isn’t really even all that expensive, and a common FE car that pretty much everyone has already (I know I’ve won at least 3 in the past from wheelspins and have had trouble selling them).

I don’t normally care much for the clothing items, but I happened to have the two options for this week already so they’re not exclusive at all.

Ralph Fulton specifically mentioned in the prerelease livestreams that the Forzathon Shop would be used to provide access to cars that just weren’t dropping in wheelspins which hasn’t really been the case at all (except for the weekly FE car maybe). The Forzathon Shop cars according to my memory have either been new exclusives that aren’t in the wheelspins, or worse, cars that can already be purchased at the autoshow (and of these I don’t think any of them were worth over 1mil, and many much less). Maybe we should all submit support tickets for this issue and call their attention to this.

At least the devs seemed to have learned their lesson with the trials rewards with last week and this week being items that most players probably don’t really care about so they don’t have to gift them to everyone when the event inevitably glitches and doesn’t work.


I agree. It would be nice to put on Forzathon shop rare Wheelspin cars or an autoshow car priced at over 2million Cr. If everyone pays for playing the game, it’s ok to sweat for reaching some rare car, but some of these FE or wheelspin rewards are “almost” impossible. :frowning:

Really tempted to submit a feedback ticket for the Forzathon Shop (we need the Ford Capri FE!!!)


Hell yes! This is the only one unique car I don’t have.

This week seasonal events are like cruel intentions… for real guys!

I needed to increase difficulty from expert to unbeatable in this one championship to actually win hoonigan rs200.
Where is some bug (or feature I don’t really know) but even if you won at first three times in a row at expert you will get only 60 points and drivatar have 65 so you are not first but second… and you loose and you need to start over again and again…Really not funny!

The third step of the weekly challenge “Drive 12 miles “through the country” in your Volvo 850 R” as usual doesn’t work.
I drove through the country, on the road, everywhere but my counter is still zero, any tips?

I don’t know what’s going on with this one, but try driving up and down the highway. I’ve gotten to 8.79 out of 19.31km this way.

[Edit]: The next part is to get 5 ultimate drift or E-drift skills from the car.

I had the same problem. Goliath in freeroam gave me 720 meters! I switched from metric to english/imperial then it worked properly.

I will have to try this - my counter somehow started but stopped randomly at around 9km and after driving around for 10 more minutes and even restarting the game it just doesn’t move anymore.

Other than that - I really like the seasonal championships this week but the Forzathon Shop is disappointing as hell. The Urus Concept is neither rare nor expensive and therefore not exclusive at all, the Nova FE even less so. I got at least 10 (actually stopped counting) of those through wheelspins and because of that these things won’t even sell for the minimum price in the AH, I just dump them immediately every time I get one again.
The shop started quite well with the GT3RS and the 812 which were actually exclusive cars but lately there was nothing special, exclusive or interesting to buy in the shop. I’ve got a lot of points banked which I will again keep this week and hope for some good stuff in the coming weeks. I’m not even demanding a new exclusive car every week but it wouldn’t hurt to put some more wheelspin exclusive cars into the shop for us to buy instead of the most common FE cars or rather inexpensive cars you can buy from the autoshow anyway. Wouldn’t mind some of those 10 mil priced cars for let’s say 1000 Forzathon points in the shop once in a while though. For the Forzathon Live event sake’s even because…why should I do these if there is nothing in the shop worth spending those points on?

Come on guys…#makeforzathonshopgreatagain

Or…at least bring more of these seasonal championships where you can win a car of some sort. I really REALLY enjoy the DS3, what a fantastic hot hatchback this is!

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