{SPOILER} Turn 10 fans are in for a huge surprise, it's BIGGER then FM6! READ NOW

It was a insider from Neogaf who predicted the Xbox one Reveal way back in 2013, and many other games like FH2, Halo MCC and many more games back in 2014 along with bundles.

The thing about the insider is that the information the user stated was 100% correct. Months before FH2 was even reveal he predicted that FH2 would have sexy weather, and day night cycles plus there was a code name for the DLC expansion that he explained saying that FH2 would get a expansion, which also became true with storm island.

This time around he’s leaking information saying that it’s bigger then FM6, here’s some of the information:

I’ve been told Forza Motorsport 6 will have a new engine, And will be the first game to use 7 graphics context. It will also be a stereo driver 1st party game with Dx12 features not in ANY other racing games. The thing about this Forza oddly was in development along side Forza 5, As forza 5 was meant to be a cross-gen game Microsoft decided it was good enough to launch as A next gen console. hence why there was a huge patch not just for DRM.

Forza Motorsport 6 will have dynamic day and night cycle, Dynamic weather, Snow / rain / hailing. Each rain drop on paint surface. I wonder if its deferred lighting or rt light maps. :slight_smile: There should also be some news on the vr/ar but that could come around e3?

The Animated Ford GT reveal video is actually using the car model assets from the in game engine. Only the fedality is alot better in 60hz … plus day night cycle.
What i’ve seen looks better then this, And the open world speed run will also be included. More info closer to e3.

From what he spoke of in the past, i totally believe this game will be the best and most BIGGEST Forza Motorsport game there is !

Here is a look of images:



as long as they put back all the features that forza 4 had including car clubs it should be a good game PLEASE LISTEN TO THE GAMERS LIKE THE PEOPLE AT PROJECT CARS ARE DOING


Could you post the thread link? I´m curious as I´m an avid GAF reader.
I think the “insider” is ntkrl if I remember correctly.

EDIT: I hope you are not talking about misterxmedia… because that is the opposite of reliable :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. LOL
  2. Pics are from this Ford Today’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi-pdajAaeA
  3. The article is here: http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/#post-misterxmedia-183139

Misterxmedia is a proven unrealiable website that is banned from neoGAF!
ntkrl was the one who revealed the MCC and FH2, etc (I think).

Either way, xmedia is a fraud and should not be taken seriously.

If true all of this would be freaking incredible!

Hmmm that whole Forza 5 being cross gen seems odd…No way Turn10 or Microsoft of turn down free money

Wouldn’t matter if the game is geared to limit the community like FM5.

Bring back the features every one seems to miss from previous games plus functionality tweeks and you’ll literally have one of the best racing games ever if the stuff mentioned by the OP is partly true.

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Sorry, but I don’t want snow and hail on racetracks


They belong in FH.


Maybe it’s for rally racing would be cool

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and the rumour mill begins … you would think people would learn to wait and see rather than speculate and guess but things never change. I suppose this means we can look forward to threads titled “Dear T10 you promised us snow hail and ice now im taking you to court cause you lied”


Well, it is in your power to let this “rumour” spread from here to the rest of the forums, or not.
A “Rumour” created by the infamous misterxmedia. The guy (woman?) banned from NeoGAF. They guy (alien?) who said that the Xbox One has secret CPUs under other CPUs…
He never actually guessed anything lol


Honestly, I´m rather confused how can the OP have misplaced these so-called “insiders”. They carry different names.

PS: I still don´t understand what is your problem with speculation. That is the whole point of the forum after all. Discussions on various topics that can include the future, present or past. Also, it´s interesting.

I don’t think anyone has issues with speculation. As long as it’s not way out there in unbelievable land. Problem is speculation can turn into false information as the rumors fly and that can lead to countless, pointless complaint threads.


umm, you guys are aware the main benefit of DX12 will be for PC’s and not the xbox right? Xbox is already using “to-the-metal” and has supported most DX12 features since launch.
Its not going to be some magic performance bullet.

That said, Id love a new engine from T10.
Id love for them to get rid of the pixar graphics.
Id love for them to use some full AF for once.
Id love for them to add some AA please.

I expect nothing.


I would not want to take these articles seriously.

However, I do think that DX12 might change the series forever because it is one of the first console games to utilize DX12.

In what way? DX11 has been around forever in terms of tech lifetime last gen but still most games were dx9.
Some games despite running in DX11 barely looked better than their DX9 counterparts.

Even if the rumors were true, I wouldn’t be excited.

An “all new engine” is another excuse to cut content from the game.

Thank goodness it’s wrong.


Who even needs the game to look any better? Graphics and physics are not the issue with FM5.