Speed Racer, Rex Racer, Spider man, and other Paint designs by LeadingPie87069

This is a hub for LeadingPie87069’s paint jobs. Also information about other paint jobs in the same category and tunes for them.

I will take suggestions so leave them in the comments. I also will do MLG cars so if you want one I can make one for you. Just tell me what logos you want or select MLG logo packages.

MLG logo packages: None work in progress

Current Paint jobs in Progress: MLG CAR

Work In Progress: Speed Racer, Rex Racer

Speed Racer

No current Paint Jobs

Cars For Speed racer:

Moc 5:Aston Martin DBR 1, La Ferrari

Moc 6:

Tuning Information:



Work In Progress

Rex Racer:

No Current Paint Jobs

Spider Man:

No Current Paint Jobs