"Special" Paint on Decals?

I apologise if this has been discussed already, but I couldn’t find any relevant topics pertaining to the question. I have a custom design on the Cadillac Escalade that has a thick stripe decal on both sides of the car of the dark wood texture/special colour. However, when I pull up the design editor in-game to try and create a similar design on my other vehicles, I’m not able to use the special colours; not the wood or even the carbon, gold, aluminium, etc.

Am I missing something?

Nevermind, I figured it out.

For those interested: it seems you have to make the entire vehicle’s body the design you want (wood, gold, carbon, etc.) and “paint” over the desired spots with coloured decals/vinyls.

Yes, that’s how it’s done. You basically make a layer mask with vinyl’s to just show through the bits you need.