Special Edition Console? like for Halo

Just wanted to ask for speculation about a special edition series x being released for the games release.

From my little bit of searching, the only special edition console with a racing theme was an x1 fm6 blue edition to celebrate 10 years of FM.

Open to correction.

I would doubt they’d do similar for fm8

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If they think that there will be a market for a limited edition, there will be one. If they think the most that will make them the most is a limited edition controller, that’s what you’ll get.

Otherwise, well, you’re looking at a skin to decorate a standard XSX/XSS.

Or you could submit your own design as a suggestion as part of a range of limited editions designed by actual users, could carry some weight and momentum, so maybe you should drop that into the bit Max pointed you to.

I guess the question is: What would a limited edition skin look like? Would it be like the FH5 controller which was just simply a load of colours randomly splashed about with the only hint of it being related to a game, much less a driving game being the Forza logo? I have issues with limited Edition consoles or controllers as they encourage waste (I know people who bought the FH5 controller purely for the car and to “own” it but have never even used the controller) but, if they are done properly, then they can look amazing (I have always liked the look of LE Halo consoles and the Gears ones)…unofrtunately, my fear would be T10 simply following PGG’s example and doing something that had zero relation to the game

First, it has to be absolutely generic. Halo versions could do it with specific Halo colours and texture design, but Forza Motosport? The second you include one car, the complaints start because it’s not another car. Same for tracks, whatever. FH is no problem, it’s the theme of the country it’s set in, simple. So, as a layman who doesn’t do marketing, instead of a single skinned production model (at an extra cost for limited edition, of course) there would be less complaints and potentially more revenue from selling a Special Edition where the consumer can choose from a selection of exclusive FM skins. More choice, more people shell out for something they see as more appealing than a single themed skin that they think should feature something else.