Spa is the next time trial?

Could you have picked a worse track for this, T10? Since I race inside the lines, I will have to settle for the bronze, I suppose. Go ahead and make Yas Marina the track for week three while your at it.

Don’t mind me. Just blowing off some steam.

Seems like it’s SPA yes. Saw it last night (still obviously closed), but gone again this morning. AND I love this track, well balanced track and plenty of places to work on corner speed.

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I to love this track and can’t wait to have a crack at it.

It’s certainly a challenging track to nail every corner but isn’t that the whole point? Doing rival challenges has improved my driving, as frustrating as it is sometimes putting in a competitive time at the end is still rewarding, for me at least.

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I don’t mind the track except the first and last turns. Those are the worst.

Just run the ones in between. Problem solved.

I just don’t like going six feet or so off track on purpose to make a fast lap, but I did it anyway. I feel so unclean. Lol.

I fully agree, but I guess if Vetel can do it so can we. LOL.

Surprised F1 didn’t penalize him. They love doing that.

The game declares it legal, so exploit it all you want.

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Me too, and I ended up 1/1000th behind you on the Hardcore board.

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Wow, that’s the closest margin I’ve seen recorded. Keep going. Pretty sure turn one is where I messed up.

I’m a noob, where are you talking about going off the track on spa?

The quick uphill left, right, left that I guess makes up turns 2-4.

Watch the top ghosts on the LBs you’ll figure it out pretty quick.

More than possible to get a gold and stay within the lines at Eau Rouge. Whining levels on this forum are at an all time high it seems.

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Run it it clean and let me know when you’re done. I have to see this replay. Lol. Oh, and do it on hardcore settings. Otherwise I won’t be impressed.

I’m running this stock with no tuning, I can see the PI for everyone is stock, but are people tuning???

No tuning allowed either

Wow the top guys on this are quick 2:16 is incredible I’m at 2:31, I wasn’t this far off in the other challenges 5 seconds maybe.

I’m running high 2:21’s but yeah I didn’t expect to be over 5 seconds off Breeze! I’ve watched his replay too and there’s no obvious corner cut (apart from Eau Rouge as to be expected) so the rest is all down to his lines and gas/braking control, damn lol