Sounds of Forza Horizon 2 (Video Series) - [11/10] Episode 5 (Falken Tire Car Pack) is live

For people that knows me, I’ve a Youtube channel called DJKustoms.

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In the past I’ve done Sounds of Forza for Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Horizon 1. With me coming back to Youtube in over a year, I’ve set my bar higher for build quality for this series and I hope you guys like it. This thread will only showcase this series.

So to start it off. Here’s episode one.


Episode 2 is live.

This one is showcasing all the Barn Finds for the game. =)

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Excellent quality,Emil… GO ON!

Just uploaded two more today.

Episode 3: Mobil 1 car pack edition

Episode 4:


Episode 5 is finally here and it’s showcasing the Falken Tires car pack. I would of made this video the day the pack came out but I ran into some Xbox One issues where I lost all my gamesaves from the console and the cloud. If you’re curious about the full story then check it out in this post below.