Sound updates from update 9.0

Fair call

I don’t have the means to capture or upload as I don’t have a YouTube account but if anyone here can capture the Pagani Cinque and then we can compare and confirm that the engine sound has changed.

There’s no other vehicle’s that I have tried out but playing the video side by side with the one that @Gojo665 posted a while back here the sound will be noticeably different

Edit: just logged in to try it again and it’s definitely different, there is a more noticeable V12 scream near redline in each gear plus at maximum speed and the downshifting sound has more of a blip to it

The overall muffled drone sound has been removed or modified

A lot different might be an overstatement but it sounds like a V12 now, not like a detuned V8 or a Dodge V10 missing a cylinder of before. If in fact the sound team has not changed anything or forgot to say Oh yeah I did do something but it wasn’t a complete change it’s still noticeable and sounds better so it’s a Win