Sorting tunes paints and others??

Finding it really annoying that you can’t sort through suggested tunes by rating downloads or most recent etc same with paints it’s the little things that count.

It’s been like that since FM5.

It’s also been noted many many many times that searching is an absolute pain. It’s baffling that you cannot search by most uses, most likes, rating, most downloads, and oldest first.

It’s apparent that T10/playground are completely clueless as to how bad it really is once a lot of items are shared.

However, you can download to your hearts content from a player’s storefront. That is at least a huge positive. I’d suggest following as many quality players as you can find.

Edit: all paint and tunes are by default sorted by most recent except for the suggested items that pop up automatically.

I completely agree with you only way to find some half decent tunes is sifting through the rivals leader boards and download from storefronts as you said.