Sort leaderboard by class

I cannot for the love of god get leaderboard to filter to B600! I’ve sat with my friend trying to find a work around for an hour.

I’ve tried different cars, different tunes, in free race. Changed cars in career and popped back in. Even multiplayer lobby I’m not able to find B class…

What I have noticed is in the past I’m able to switch different cars like e class per say. And some cars are able to make the leaderboard filter.

Can someone please help because this sucks.

There are no general Class-based Leaderboards in Forza Motorsport 7.

Every Car Division has its own Leaderboard, however you can only view them by being in a car from that specific Division.

There is also a Non-Homologated Leaderboard where your best time in a car that does not fit into a Division lies. The PI cap for that is X/999. Only your best time is logged on this board, and it cannot be filtered by Class.

Yes, I mentioned all that in my first post in detail of what the bug is. To clarify I have this same issue in the B class hopper. I eventually gave up but I’m hoping this is either patched; in the meantime I’m hoping someone knows the work around?

I have this same issue on E class and A class for very specific cars, but if I switch to different E or A class cars I’m able to see the leaderboards properly.

I made you a video since you don’t understand what my issues is.

Your first leaderboard was Non-Homologated. Any car that does not fit into Homologation requirements for its Division goes on this board instead. The PI cap is X/999 and only your best time is logged.

Your second leaderboard was the Homologated leaderboard for the Sport GT Icons Division. The PI cap for that happens to be A/700, but you will notice that only cars from that Division appear on that leaderboard. You’ll get the same effect when you switch to a different Homologated car in a different Divsion, and only see that Division’s Leaderboard.

When you switched to your second NSX with a non-Homologated Tune you got the same leaderboard you showed the first time.

This is not a bug, this an intended feature and is different to how Leaderboards were sorted in previous games, where each Class/Track was given its own Rivals event and independent Leaderboards.

If you don’t trust my word on how Leaderboards are structured in Forza Motorsport 7, here’s an FAQ:

Okay, I see… that’s disappointing to hear.

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Also, thank you for taking your time to help me understand. I hope they revert back to non homoligated leaderboard for the breakout hoppers.

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