Someone explain "Cup championship" payouts?

I keep seeing reference to “millions” for the Championship Cups.

I clearly am missing something, or doing something wrong.

When I enter the Seasonal Championship I see you get 50k for first on expert. (plus the 2nd and 3rd bonuses). No where near millions.

Is the payout higher on Unbeatable - even though the event doesn’t list it? (IE I set my difficulty to Unbeatable but it still says 50k for 1st on Expert).

I do realize you can get another 50k+ for Co-op and another 50k+ for PVP - but those are near impossible to match make. Even still thats only at best about 300k for the Championship if you beat it on all 3.

"The Horizon Festival challenges you to win 12 seasonal championships with a prize pool worth millions of credits. "

3 ways to earn credits in 3 events per 4 seasons in Series 3.

I’ve read that previously, but I wasn’t 100% sure what it was saying.
So the millions of credits are: - 3 championships x 3 (single - coop - pvp) x 4 Seasons? WIth Expert being the highest payout? (for reward)

You can earn 100,000 CR from one seasonal championship in Solo, “300k for the Championship if you beat it on all 3.” Multiply that by 12.

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There are 3 championships per week which can possibly earn $900,000 total (but not likely given the lack of participants). So $3,600,000 credits at the most for the month. Unfortunately I rarely find enough players for co-op and can’t really do PVP so it will only work out to $300 000 a week for me. Add the fact that to win on expert I spend more on tuning / buying cars than the prize is and that isn’t exactly a giant money maker. I would really prefer rare cars as prizes personally. A lot of the cars I was looking forward to having when I got the game are pretty much impossible to obtain and are rarely in the auction house at all. Even when they are they are always bought for 20 000 000 which I will never be able to afford.

I wish the prize pot was a little bigger but you also gotta factor in the credits you’ll get from winning the individual races and wheelspins along the way.

True. You do get a bit more money from the actual race itself (although you can do that at anytime outside the championship). As far as wheelspins go I’d say about 95% of the time I get women’s clothes or clothes no sane person would be caught dead in I basically ignore wheelspins and pretend they aren’t really part of the game.

It’s funny how mutch people mind will fool, i really want to see you recording 100 wheelspins and getting 95 clothing stuff, because that number is actualy abaout 30%.

But those rewards that you get in championships are not something that would interst me to do those, actually last two weeks i have do zero championship and in first two monthly rotation i run almost every championship.