Some of my Design Liveries no longer show any earned ratings, downloads, or uses. one was a 5 star

Some of my Design Liveries no longer show any earned ratings, downloads, uses, or in design search anymore, one was a 5 star, . Please help me with this issue, I have two Designs that have been doing well, one was my first 5 star rated with close to 50 downloads. (I was very pleased) The other was 4 star last I checked yesterday with around 20+ downloads, now they just show zero in rating,download, and uses when I look at them in under paint car/my designs, but when I do a search for designs they no longer show up as available to download. but the two I put up in the last 2 hrs with the same vehicle still do. I do still have all the messages for the Design award payouts in game. I haven’t check the few others I have but I would like to keep getting my earned credits and ratings I earned for these two.
I have not renamed them or messed with the saves in anyway just in case someone suggests that as a reason. I have restarted Game and Xbox to see if it made any difference but no luck.

Anyone else have this happen kind of upsets me yrs. ago I lost all my design saves my use of my then gamertag do to some glitch in a Forza update and swore I would never take the time to paint any really time consuming designs again. These messed up ones in FM6 were just simple funny vans made to look like school buses with funny school names. But I liked them they were only up for a couple days and seem to be doing well, heck my old “The Wall” Enzo and alot of others that I lost in the glitch yrs ago took me weeks to finish never got me the satisfaction of my 5 star bus that was about hr of work that seems to be in limbo or something. I’m not sure I will do any more if this is going to be a ongoing issue.

I always had a copy of my designs/vinlys on memory card for backup, but sadly that option is gone in F5/FH2/F6. I know it saves in cloud but not sure if my paint is there as well as the save game, it should be brought back so we can save them.

The files are there and still showing publicly shared in my menus so there not gone for me locally but they no longer show any ratings, number downloaded, or are giving me anymore payouts and when you search for designs they don’t show there anymore. So it’s not on my end its something on FM6 end.

Is there admins or anyone official to give me any answers for this stuff? I thought that is what these support forums are for whats the hold up at least say your looking into it so I can think I have been heard.

This won’t help you, but your issue reminded me of something I noticed the other day. I modified one of my paint jobs (was a 5 star shared paint job) I only selected to save it to current car, because I didn’t want to change my shared file, but it unshared my file and changed it to look like the one on my car. Quite annoying.

Had that happen already too but with a different vehicle then the ones that are the problem now, and yes that sucks too. I lost a whole paint job for that car I feel your pain. Six games in and still some of the same problems that went back to Forza 2 what the heck. Come to the forums for help and not one mod has even responded to give me any clue. Please help the customers that have paid and made this game what it is today. All I what is a little help and maybe a solution where you at Mods and Turn 10.

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