I had a very strange message in the inbox, it just told me im banned from the auction house for a week
I can live with that.
But why, there is no clarification…and you actually are obligated for what reason(there’s more then just your terms outside forza)

What does Turn 10 expect from me, i did something that causes a ban.

So i emailed Turn 10 Community team on my best english.
No respons so far, and while typing this it’s getting me quite upset and angry now.

I know im not the only one who contact turn 10, but turn 10 isn’t just a 1 man company is it?

And IF im wrong, what do i have to do, to avoid a second ban?

And in the terms of Turn 10, well there’s where it gets really Murica style, it’s vague…and not transparent?discriminated in any sort…this could be just anything literally anything so at the end of this typing it made me laugh now.

Lol2pop make only black decals…well that’s very rasict isn’t it?

In Turn 10 language yes it is.

To be serious here…

There are a lot bans lately, and ofcourse it could be a mistake, but please react, or comment.

Like there is an Oprah Winfrey or something.
You get a ban, and you get a ban…and you a ban

Just saying this, as i have a company myself, but there’s
No way you sell people: sorry your not the only one…like i see on the other threads, and taking a feature away where people paid for, yes it seemed i might cross the line some where…but you need to give a legit reason.

Talks like a company, then just act like it.

And sure i know this ain’t the right way telling it.
Should read the email for a polite version.

Yet again Turn 10 Community Team.

Looking really forward to hear from you.

B van der stel,
The Netherlands.


I love how vague this is.


So much so that it has to be a troll