Solved. Please delete


Looking at the image, it says you have 2 incomplete challenges, therefore that cannot be the last one of the week.

Yes. I had the 6th one in progress when the 7th one was ready to unlock. As soon as the 7th was available I went to go do it and it had already been marked as expired. Ended at 6/7 with the one above unable to be attempted.

In fact, I have to put in a ticket for todays, as it was expired when I logged on this morning and it had been locked all week. Unlocks happen early in the morning for me, so I normally get them done right away. 3 of these throughout this season so far. Hoping next season improves. Incompletes irritate my completionism OCD.

I’m not completely sure how this fits into your scenario but the Vortex Generator was the 3rd daily in Winter. It was Saturday’s challenge that would have expired Tuesday morning PDT.