[SOLVED] Mazda of All Trades Accolade / Completed

I fugre out how to complete this accolade … its a bit of work but, hope it helps some out there.

~ goto solo mode
~ pin the accolade (NOTE: candy canes and trees wont count down!)
~ get in a mazda
~ go to the stadium
~ count for your self and smash 25 trees and 25 candy canes
~ go back inside your home
~ leave home
~ fast travel back to stadium
~ smash more trees (you should have got 25 candy canes on the first run)
~ go back inside your home
~ leave home
~ fast travel back to stadium
~ smash more trees (this should be 25 smashed trees now)
~ go back inside your home
~ leave home
~ go to the volcano
~ smash the 5 snowmen there (only 1~2 will count and you will see them tallied in the pinned accolade)
~ go back inside your home
~ leave home
~ fast travel to the volcano
~ smash 5 snowmen there (only 1~2 will count)
~ go back home
~rinse repeat smashing the snowman and going home and back to the volcano till you get the 25 smashed snowmen and the achievement pops!

this is just ridiculous!


Go to solo mode find Candy Cane, Christmas Tree, and Snowman. Just one of each. Crash into it, rewind and repeat till finished.


rewind does not work!

these smashed items do not rebuild in rewind

They do in solo mode.


so, you are one of those types huh?

i tried that and like i said, i does not work!

I tried it and it did. It does work and you can save yourself a lot of time especially with the snowmen

This worked for me. It’s much quicker way to do it.

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Maybe try reading your own posts. You said it does not work. It’s not the same for everyone it will work for some people.
Calm down with the insults too. Maybe climb off that high horse.


They do in solo mode. I did it

Hey guys … this accolade is so Strange ! but you can do it easily without paying attention to stats of pinned accolade(it is buggy for now )
So first of all 1)go to stadium and smash Chrismas Trees and Candies as much as you can(dont hit slow or it wont be counted as smash)
2)now head back to the home and enter it (For respawning smashables in stadium again)
so repeat 1) again till you see the pop-ups that checks 25 smashed trees and 25 candies
then 3)go to the Volcano for smashing snowmens (there are 3 snowmens around the lake of volcano i think)
so again head back to home and REPEAT till you see the 25 smashed snowmen pop up !

this is the way you can complete this accolade for this time at least !
HOPE You do it after this …

Rewind in Solo worked a treat for the Snowmen. Thanks For the suggestion, Ab :+1:

This game is such a riddled mess, any and all suggestions are worth trying at this point.


So hang on a sec-…
Wait… IT is not Air skills as the pinned list suggests?


Brb, going to smash snowmen.

No, only the Mazda part is correct and the values out of 25 - the three objectives are to smash 25 trees, 25 canes and 25 snowmen.

I’m glad that worked, mine was very similar

  • Smash all trees and canes in both towns
  • Smash 1 Snowman using Solo Rewind (doesn’t work for all)

I probably took as long as I restarted the game twice, I didn’t think of visiting home to reset it. Also only around 60-70% of what I hit registered.

Phew, finally made it. Rewind in solo mode worked for me for the snowmen.


No snowmen for me anywhere to find, even at the volcano there is not the slightest hint of snow…

There is no snow, they are like card board snowmen. There is not many up there so they can be missed easily.

Okay found the five of them - looks like fabric stuffed figures or crotcheted. After switching in solo mode the rewind function did work for me. Got the christmas tree and candy canes yesterday, as in the german version of the game the sticky message do have the right text and also did counter the smashed objects correctly…

it is and thanks for posting a work around and proof of it completed!

your description worked perfectly and yeah the rewind does not work!