SOLVED: Can't connect to MP Lobbies on 2nd Xbox

I have 2 Xbox One’s in my house. I have 1 in my living room, which acts as MY HOME XBOX. I have another setup in my basement used to play Forza 6 with my TX Racing Wheel, I will refer to this as my 2ND XBOX. This 2ND XBOX is not set to Xbox live my home device, it is just another Xbox that I have my account on and have put certain games on. Most importantly, I AM NOT TRYING TO GET ONLINE WITH BOTH OF THESE AT THE SAME TIME. I know that you can only be signed in & using one Xbox at a time. This is only referring to the fact that my 2ND XBOX will not allow me to connect to online MP lobbies. On my 2ND XBOX, when I try to enter online lobbies it tells me “Failed to Acquire Server Data.” or “Disconnected from server.”. I have occasionally been able to get in lobbies but immediately after getting in I get disconnected and kicked out. On my HOME XBOX, I just tried getting in the lobby and am able to with no problem whatsoever.

On my 2ND XBOX, I am able to do everything else in Forza 6 no problem. Rivals mode, look at leader boards, download tunes & designs, get reward money, etc… The only thing it is not letting me do is get in MP lobbies… Which of course is the most important thing… Go figure… I also know it is not any network settings on my 2ND XBOX, because all my other games allow me to play online, Call of Duty & NHL for example have no issues… I have open NAT & adequate speed.

Does anyone know why this may be happening? Any help is appreciated.

I have a 360 and a One that I like to have running simultaneously at times, but that often causes network conflict, and whichever console was powered on second cannot connect online. The Xbox One seems to be pickier with which ports it needs for proper online connection - I’ve run two 360s in my house without issues, but I had to jump through hoops to get two Ones going online. This should fix your issue:
Assuming you won’t be running these consoles simultaneously, go into your network settings on both consoles and set a static IP address that is outside of the range of addresses automatically assigned by your router. This is important because if you power on any other device and it takes the IP you manually assigned, your console will not go online. Next, you should check out and read how to forward ports for an Xbox One and perhaps the static IP guide if my explanation isn’t detailed enough. In your router settings, you need to forward specific ports that need to be open for online play to the static IP you set for both consoles. Once this is done, you should experience much better online connectivity, but keep in mind the other Xbox will not be able to connect online while the one you’re using is powered on. If you need both at once, a DMZ setting might be your best bet. Hope this helps!

Harmonic, thanks for your input. I have actually done all this already. I had trouble getting both to work w/ port forwarding, as only 1 device can have ports assigned to it. ie…: Xbox 1 has port 32 (?), you can not set that same port to Xbox 2 because it’s already assigned to Xbox 1. So what I did, is assign port forwarding to Xbox 1 (home xbox) & set Xbox 2 (extra xbox) to DMZ mode. This worked great & fixed everything for all my other games. Now with Forza 6, I can’t get in any lobbies. And even more, I had a friend of mine setup a private lobby to try to sneak in that way, I was able to briefly get in the lobby, but then it crashed everyone’s game to the dashboard. But again, all my other games work fine, COD, NHL, Madden, etc… It’s strictly the Forza 6 MP lobbies I’m having trouble accessing, All other aspects of Forza 6 online work fine as well.

Edit: I also do not use them at the same time as that will sometimes seem to screw it up…

Do you think if I hardwired BOTH Xbox’s to the modem/router that would solve any problems? I’m considering just doing that.

Depends on your router.
Some routers (especially ISP provided ones) struggle to handle two of the same console.

I have experienced conflicts with PlayStation and Xbox when two run at the same time. You can try hard wiring one and wirelessly connect the second. That seems to work some times. Best solution is to get a router that supports multiple consoles of the same kind. Personally I use the Netgear Nighthawk series which handles two of the same console type just fine without manually configuring anything.

Bazajaytee, thanks. Is it just as easy as unplugging the AT&T modem & plugging in a new purchased modem? Or will AT&T have to come out and program it or something? That may be the best way.

I will also try the hardwiring 1 & wirelessly connecting the other. If that works, it would probably save me a little money.

Well, to update this situation, today I bought a Netgear WNDR 3400 which I found on the Xbox forums to be certified to work with 2 Xbox One consoles. Came home, undid all my port forwarding settings in the modem I had already set, turned the modem on bridge mode, plugged in the router… Boom… Worked instantly, problem solved.

For anyone having problems with this issue, or having Strict NAT types, I would suggest seeing this page, looking for your modem/router and seeing what the posts say related to MULTIPLE CONSOLES. Each device should have numerous threads regarding different settings and conditions (Depending whether you’re looking for a router or mode, click accordingly):

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