Solo queue ranked is completely broken after league 13

So after reaching and passing league 15 ive been noticing decreased elo gains after wins and slightly lowered drops after losses (which honestly doesnt make much sense) regardless if I performed well individually. It was still tolerable in league 15-lower 13s but past a point in 13 most of my elo gains from wins are only +20~25 and losses can range around -35~55 since the matchmaking system likes to put me into games where the average elo is only around 1000. On the extremely rare occasion when almost the entire lobby is league 15+, the elo gains and losses normalises, proving that this isnt an issue about my hidden elo (for those of you whove played other ranked games before).

Ive gone 14-4 in terms of overall win-losses past league 13 and am now only barely staying in league 12 as a result.

tbh, I understand that theres only a measly 10k players with a ranking now and probably only about 10% of that 10k players are league 15 or above at the moment. But seriously dropping someone with a 2000 rating in a lobby with an average rating of 1000 simply isnt how ranked is supposed to work at all. I dont care about the wait time if it means I can get into games that are properly matchmade.

As it stands, the races are snoozefests that I can almost always win with a huge margin to the next player and dnf half the lobby, while praying to forza gods that my teammates wont lose the adventure and drop my elo by an amount that I can only recover with a 3 win winstreak.

T10/PG Please fix this :frowning: