For those wondering, you can’t get a much better dealer than this guy.

Made deals with him a few times. Legit and also very nice!

5 mil for a ferrari?

5 mil for a ferrari?

Legit seller, got my Ferrari 812 Super fast, super fast lol.

Thank you sir!

Cars still available.

Im interested in your capri Fe and Ferrari 810 or whatever it is today.Im at work but can complete the transaction with you after work if thats ok with you.Cheers.

Got my first PO car with him , super chill , best seller around the forum. Thank you sir!

Available again.

Need a car? This is THE guy to buy from. On PC, no mic? Just install the Discord app on your phone…Bam, done. Voice chat. Walks you through the process if you’re unfamiliar. Get that car you’ve been searching hours for and save your fingers from getting arthritis.

Are you only on pc or Xbox aslwell?

How can I be on both? Lol.