Sodbuster777's Junkyard. Rusty cars, Real Fire, and MORE JUNK! [updated 2-4-19]

great job on the girls, the rusty wrecks and pretty much everything. All excellent work.

Is the westcoast customs on a cayman?

These are insane dude! Unbelievable weathering effects!

You’ve definitely done a great job bringing the rusting/weathering to life in this game. Nice work.

I hate to be a one trick pony, but I just like making weather beaten old cars. Here’s the latest shipment. More to come!

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Oh, and if you see something here you want that isn’t on my storefront, hit me up and I’ll reshare it. I unshared a bunch of designs because I’ve got too many that weren’t getting any downloads so I cleaned up the clutter there. Thanks again for all the props guys, keeps me striving to make em better all the time.

Great work, especially the Pin-up girl designs. I need to get some of them today evening.

Keep up the good work.

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Hey man, I’ve checked out some of your designs and I really like them!

I haven’t seen rust this good in like…ever!

If I could please ask for one favor though:

My dream car to own is a 1969 Fairlady Z. Your rusted out version looks sick, but could you possibly change the color to white?

If you don’t want to, it is totally fine.

Keep up the good work!


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bro its only withe theres no other color that he made lol he needs to make color version like yellow and orange lol it would be great but rn it sucks

Orangekey, finally got around to making up that white z tonight. It’s up on my storefront, here ya go!

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Thanks man looks really cool!


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I just feel sad that I haven’t got FH4 yet so I can’t witness these majesties first hand! Any plans to do the same sort of paints in Motorsport 7?

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Thanks! I have some of them up on FM7, but I just couldn’t get into the game too much. Something about that open world of horizon, I’m just drawn to it more. Though I wish I could import my super bee and GSX from 7 into horizon… anyway look me up on there, you should be able to find something.

Amazing, Realistic rust!!! I wish there was a rusty car default to paint on, I don’t want to draw the rust, but I want to be able to paint a worn image on a rusty car.

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What’s that 3 wheel car called? I wanted the design but I don’t know the car.

OK I finally found out that the 3 Wheeler is a Morgan, and then bought it in the Auction. Your design however is not on your Hub, are you going to put it on there?

Hey man, yeah the Morgan was one that I had unshared. I was just on and rehared it. It should be there now if you look for it.

Orangekey, sure thing man, glad ya like it!

Could you do a 1969 Mustang Boss 302 or 1971 Mustang Mach 1 on FH4?

can you make the z in colors verison or that we can modify it bc rn its only white and it kinda sucks a lot bc its not really realistic to only have that color so it would be very apreciated to make color versions with the rust thanks !!