Social, Clubs, Rivals and Marketplace greyed out and not selectable - Solved

Is there a problem with the XBOX One servers for Horizon 2? I see that social, clubs, rivals and marketplace are greyed out and not selectable. This started sometime this afternoon (11/4).


Mine did this before today’s update, it is working fine after the update

If you own a disc copy back out of the game, eject the disc and put it back in and it shold trigger the update.

If digital back out of the game, when home go onto the large Horizon 2 tile, press menu and choose quit. Restart the game.

If the update triggers DO NOT do anything else on the console until it is 100% installed (stay on the screen where the update is downloading).

Thanks, mine just now completed the update and now everything is selectable again.

Glad you got sorted friend

Is this also happening on the xbox360 version.

i have the same problem but i tied the remove disk but dident get any update …