So who still plays Forza 4?

After having quickly stormed on Horizon I came back to FM4 to get the Bucket List (yesterday I completed the “tier” for A class cars, so only 4 classes remaining - i.e. 3-450 races).
Later I will concentrate on MP in Virtual Motorsport leagues. Maybe one day I’ll buy the One but having the time to spend on playing is a really big problem when you come back home from work everyday at 9 PM…

We still regularly meet and race in private lobbies. Currently there are about 12 of us that race twice a week to get away from FPS multiplayer as it is starting to get a bit boring imo :wink:

Still on FM4 and will be for the foreseeable future.

A number of my friends and I play Forza 4 regularly, but we have given up on this forum.

I haven’t bought the xbox one yet. I don’t like the fact that we can’t play the xbox 360 games on it, having a lot of games for the 360 don’t justifying the purchase of the one.

I’ve been doing a lot of racing in A, B, and C class. C class seems like the numbers have dwindled lately, for some reason. At least when I go on. Seems like there used to be more in there regularly. A an B still seem relatively strong. Now I gotta start delving into S class so I can be set up to do the ABCS racing more. I haven’t run too many S class cars yet. And then after that maybe get into the faster cars. Taking it a little bit at a time. I’ve only recently started to be even remotely competitive in the classes I’ve raced.

I will say this, seems like last week I was on a few times where there was really good racing with a low ratio of idiots. Not sure what that is about. But like 2 months ago it was nearly impossible to stay away from the ding a lings. Meaning people that crash on purpose.

I just got FM4 today!

i play it still

I’ve gone back to it because fm5 is lacking.


This. I play FM5 to lap on the gorgeous new Nordschliefe, but I play FM4 because it has the cars I want to drive without having to shill out fifty additional bucks.

I do (although it’s been awhile…bf4 ftw), but whenever I get an Xbox One, you can bet FM5 will be the very first game I get for it!

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I have been gone for awhile but I plan on jumping backing in this weekend. See you there.

I still play forza 4 and lot of my friends :))

Played a few rounds today after sending the xbox one off for repairs. I knew I would be bad after 10 months of no playing but it wasn;t too bad. I forgot my controller is messed up and keeps wanting to send my cars left. Idk how I was able to use that thing previously and not wreck.

I play it a lot and usually the lobbies are full

I do just about every night. I’ve started going back and getting cars from some of those lesser known manufacturers and seeing how they perform. I’ve also went back down into the lower classes such as D and E which I pretty much had abandoned previously.

I haven’t bought a Xbox One yet because I want to get a wheel with it but I’m unsure what to get and I don’t want to sink a lot of money into one only to find out I’ve bought the wrong one. But I’m itching to make the switch over not just for FM5 but all of the other racing games that are coming out for it.

hit me up. D is my favorite class

I have just got back to playing FM4 after a lay off , and have half the racing events to complete, so i will be playing it for some time yet…

dude there are thousands that still play forza 4 online. (because ether we don’t have 500 bucks or don’t have an HDMI tv) forza 3 is a different story. (but I’m afraid that forza horizon 1 is going to drop like SNAP

i recently have gone back to playing forza 4 after i picked up cheap 360 last week… juggle between fm4 and fm5 at the mo…had to start fresh in fm4 as i didnt back up my save files lost 5 unicorn cars too and 32 million in credits :frowning: