So, who is narrarting FM6's introduction?

After listening to the opening and the other narration, I’m thinking they got Idris Elba to narrate, but being an American, I only heard him talk in Thor. Anyone who heard Idris’ voice apart from Thor, possible from Luther, confirm this with me. He’s a big gearhead from what I heard, so it would be appropriate to have his voice narrate.

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I was thinking the same thing

I wondered if it was Chris Martin of Coldplay. It only sounds a bit like him but i think i heard him narrate something before which only sounded a bit like him.

I could be wrong i could be right.

I thought it sounded like Chris Hemsworth myself. I actually thought it sounded like something he would say in the movie “Rush”.

I also thought it could be him because he acted in that movie and I thought both of the cars from the movie were in the game, I could be wrong on that though. If they are in the game then it might make sense to have him narrate that historic battle in the career mode, just a thought.

All i know is, if i have to see it more than once, i will scream.


^^ totally agree. I find it to be very irritating; the worst intro for Forza ever.


Same here. It’a soo cheesy. I also hate that I’m forced to watch it and can’t skip it.


I think you’re right - he had a car show on BBC America back when I had cable …

Hemsworth for sure. And I quite enjoyed the intro. Better than most racing games where they start by saying something like “so you want to be a pro race car driver? It’s a long road and a hard one, it takes skill” blah blah blah forza intros are actually artistic and personal. They should allow us to skip though

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After listening to it again, I’d have to say Hemsworth as well. And I thought the intro was rather interesting and good.

I listened to it over and over again, and I don’t really hear Hemsworth’s voice. It doesn’t sound Australian.

Well spotted. Mine was a wild guess.

I thought the intro was full of cliches and stereotypes. Hopefully only have to watch it one more time when i get the full game. It’s only an intro after all.

Some of us were in a lobby last night wtih Brian (Mechberg) and he mentioned the names of both the male and female narrators though being notoriously absent-minded, I cannot recall the names. It is not any name that has been mentioned in this thread thus far.

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He said the names on twitch on friday, you could always re watch the stream and find out.

You can wait until the game info appears on IMDB and simply look it up then as well.

OK, so it’s Mark Healy. This thread can die, and be locked. His voice threw me through a loop.

Locked as per op