So whats good for S class lobbys?

So whats good for S class lobbys?

Saleen S7 as an allrounder/grip, racecars for grip/handling and either daytona for power hope that helps, Corvette Z06 is great as a gripcar also

EDIT: for rain A skyline, impreza or Evo works well for them

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Cool ill give them a go :slight_smile: just wishing A Class lobby would come back :frowning:

The Shelby gt350r mustang seems to be a nice grippy s class with a basic tune

I’ve been doing pretty good in the 2005 Ford GT with a balanced tune. Full handling upgrades let you get it to around 700HP at the top of S-class, and if you run wide gearing with max aero its nearly impossible to spin out in. Other cars I’ve seen people use with good results are the BMW M1 Procar, '08 Viper, and a few speed tuned C7 Vettes.