So what cars have soul?

I mean when you look at a car and drive a car which ones do you think have soul?

For me it has to be some of the British classics like Jaguar E type, maybe the classic Lotus Elan too.

Just Kia as far as I know… :smiley:


Would that be the Cee’D… ;p

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No, but didn’t that used to be a Kei car?

But, seriously… car souls live in bumpers, fenders, skirts, and fins. Occasionally they sneak into an odd grill or lights.


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Anything that’s not a pure EV.

None, and they won’t until we get the Alfas back.
Alfa 33 stradale had it in buckets in fh4,spent hours just freeroaming in that @ stock ,glorious car,glorious sound. That it was also eminently tuneable into a beast was just the icing on the cake

They should have some classic Vauxhalls in the game.

The Vauxhall Victor 2000, because it was driven by Jeff Randall in Randall, and Hopkirk, and it had the soul of Marty Hopkirk in it all the time.

I’ll probably get told I’m wrong, but I love the McLaren Speedtail.

I think its one of the sleekest, sexiest cars out there.

There is no wrong answer because its about personal choice and opinion, and everyone’s is valid.

Napier Railton, Bentley Blower,TVR Griffith, Aston Martin GT12, Toyota 2000gt, Jaguar E-Type, Porshe Carrera GT, Austin-Healey Sprite, Aston Martin Valhalla, Lotus Exige, Aerial Atom, Dodge Charger Daytona, Toyota Gt86, Aston Martin Vantage, Porsche 911 GT2, McLaren Speedtail, Ferrari 330 P4, Hoonigan Porsche, Aston Martin Vantage Holden Torana, Renault 5 GT Turbo, Welcome Pack Supra, Lexus LFA and Jaguar XJR-15 are cars I drive with massive smiles on my face. I have faster cars that drive like videogame cars, but these ones feel like they have personality to me. I miss the Alfa’s, though. Gimme me my 33 Stradale back!

Audi R8 V10 plus - awesome looks and awesome noise.

The Lykan Hypersport with FH3 sound is also up there.

Both HSVs are pretty soulful too, as well as the older Muscle cars like the Charger and Camaro.

MANY American Muscle +Sports Car from the Period: Mid-sixties to mid-seventies. (Challanger, Charger, Cuda, Plymouth, Shelby Cobras)
MANY Japanese Sportscar from the nineties (GTR34, Supra, Eclipse) and MANY European Sportscar from the 50-mid70ies (the mentioned E-Type, old Porsche types, Old Ferraris, Aston Martin DB5),+ some later ones (Countach, F40, 959)

Even some from the earlies - late2000s (Vanquish, DB9) have soul. IMO

it really depends on the Car. How it looks, how it feels, and even what you feel on the fist look.

So choose your pick.

I want to add cars like the classic min, the original VW beetle the Morris minor, and a shame its not in the game the citreon 2cv and the fiat/abarth 500,


And I base that on science

I can’t believe I forgot the Beetle. Love that car and as I only have 1 it often changes for what I need it for.